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Total Orthopaedic Care

Our vision at The Fracture and Orthopaedic Clinic has always been to help patients maximise mobility by offering total orthopaedic care under one roof. We provide our patients with a world-class, purpose-built facility that treats their orthopaedic issues seamlessly from diagnosis to rehabilitation.

Within our complex at 29A St. Clair Avenue, Port of Spain, we offer a host of diagnostic tools, scans and tests such as bone imaging, blood tests, digital X-rays, musculo-skeletal ultrasound, digital foot pressure analysis, ECG and nerve conduction testing. Through our sister company, TriMed, located within the same complex, patients can also have Extremity-MRI’s done on the same day as their consultation. Results are fast and accurate, reducing the wait time for patients and speeding up the path to treatment and recovery.

Our collaboration with some of the country’s top physical and occupational therapists ensure that patients transition from treatment to rehabilitation seamlessly and in less time. Patients in need of orthopaedic accessories such as splints, braces and collars can avail of these services through our sister company, Joint-Med, also located within the same complex. By bringing together a host of ancillary services and sub-specialty experts under one roof, our patients receive quality care, sooner.

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