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Beginner Exercises

  1. Ankle Flexion (pumps)

    Lie flat on back. Perform ankle pumps by pointing toes up towards the body, then flexing feet, pointing toes away from the body, alternating feet between each set.

    Ankle Flexion (pumps)
  2. Heel Slides

    Lie flat on back. Perform heel slides by slowly bending and straightening knees, alternating knees between each set.

    Heel Slides
  3. Straight Leg Raises

    Lie flat on back, bend left knee, keeping the right leg straight. Stabilize lower back muscles by tightening abdominal muscles. Slowly lift the right up, holding 6 inches off the floor for 5 seconds. Slowly lower leg. Repeat alternating legs

    Straight Leg Raises
  4. Heel Raises

    Stand with feet planted firmly on the floor a few inches apart, with weight distributed evenly on both feet. Slowly raise heels off the floor, standing on balls of your feet, while keeping knees straight. Hold for 5 seconds then lower heels to the floor. Repeat.

    Heel Raises
  5. Abdominal Contraction

    Lie on back with knees bent, with feet planted firmly on the floor. Place hands on floor along side body. Tighten muscles of the abdomen holding for 5 seconds (be sure to continue breathing). Relax and repeat.

    Abdominal Contraction
  6. Wall Squats

    Stand with head and back leaning against wall. Feet should be positioned should-width apart, and 12 inches from the wall. Slowly bend knees 90 degrees, keeping abdominal muscles tight (be sure to continue breathing). Hold for 5 seconds. Slowly return to upright position. Relax and repeat.

    Wall Squats